Red Moon Road


Summer dates!

Hopping the pond!

That's right. At the end of March we return to the land and continent of our ancestors. 6 weeks in the U.K. and continental Europe. Lots more to be added. Suggestions of cool stuff to do and other places to play are most welcome! Woo!

For more info, check out the facebook event here.

New album on the way! We want YOU to be a part of it!

Greetings Friends,

It’s been a heck of a 2014. We toured western Canada in January (it was cold). We spent two weeks in a cabin in March writing new music (it was productive and cold). We spent a marathon 62 days on the road this summer, playing folk festivals all across Eastern Canada (it was hot). The Bluenose 2 in Lunenburg Nova Scotia STILL isn’t sailing by the way, probably the only reason the Daniels didn’t attempt a commandeering. We came home just long enough to make sure the places we still owed rent at were still there, and then we left again. We are now somewhere between Vancouver and San Diego in the middle of our first foray into the USA (Vancouver to San Diego). We have a work permit and everything. So far it has been beautiful and a total success. What an amazing thing to go into a brand new country and be welcomed so warmly. There are, as we’ve come to expect, good people everywhere, and they apparently like music. Or hairy men. Either way, they like us (oh yeah, we sell mustache wax now. Handsome Dan Mustache Wax ™. It is, name notwithstanding, a unisex product. For the handsome man or woman in YOUR life. Order some today. Oh yeah. Speaking of which, we have an online store now. See? So you can order some today. Or tomorrow. Or you know, whenever.)

As our trusty steed, the Aluminum Falcon, (who you can see here experiencing over 400K Km… which is like, divide by 1.6 miles,) speeds us through the stunning Redwood Forests of Northern California, our thoughts, like the mighty trees racing past either side of the windshield, reach far above us, to the hopes and excitement we have about the new addition to the RMR family (and no, no one is pregnant, although Sheena has a My Little Pony named Fluttershy now. Apparently.)!

This December we are expecting a brand new full length studio album! And, like a child, we have high hopes for the new baby. We hope, like a good child, it will make others happy. And that it will send money home and take care of us when we’re old (Bada ching!… but seriously, that would be nice).

We want to tell you so much more about it, including the title, the cool design, stuff about the songs and all the awesome people who we worked with. And we’re gonna. BUT to read and hear about it... you gotta head over to Pledge Music. Going here will:
A) be the best, and in some cases, only place to get some exclusive news and content from the album as it becomes available (like videos and sneak, uh, listens) and
B) allow you to become a part of the amazing team we have supporting us on what has been an amazing and joyful experience.

Thanks so much for caring! See you down the road,

Daniel J and RMR

Snowdance Music Festival at the Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes

This weekend we're headed out to the Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes, our second home out in the Whiteshell Provincial Park, for the Snowdance Festival of Music + Winter, January 17 + 18, 2015. Apart from two full days of fantastic live music, there's all sorts of great woodsy winter stuff happening like sleigh rides, bannock making, igloo building, workshops on blacksmithing and traditional arctic clothing, shinny hockey, curling on the lake and more! Don't miss it, learn more here.

Back on the road!

Western Canadian Tour- Winter 2014

Home & Healing

Words from Sheena on being home and healing:

"I am home now. Home from 62 days of tour this summer. Home from 3 1/2 days in the hospital this weekend. Thursday I had my 5th and hopefully last surgery to set my leg on its final path to complete healing. Today marks approximately 500 days since I broke it. The journey has had it's ups and downs and all arounds. I have learned much about myself, much about my body and much about those who love and support me. I have learned much about strength and what's truly important. I have been reminded of our power as humans to heal. We are healing machines!

At the end of it all I'll have a lot of scars and a lot of stories. And as it turns out I wouldn't change it. I wouldn't turn back time and not go for that dang frisbee catch. Like all that we experience it's a part of who I am and what I know. It's been a wild adventure and even in this chapter where I feel set back to the beginning I feel immensely grateful. I am grateful for my left leg that is broken and healing and still attached despite its trauma. I am grateful to my right leg for being so strong in all this and carrying my weight all by it's onesy. And most of all I am grateful to all of my amazing friends and family and ever patient and caring partner for all of their support, encouragement, love and kindness. I am blessed. And I am VERY much looking forward to running and dancing to my hearts content again!! Maybe next summer I'll join an ultimate frisbee team! Whaddya think?!


Red Moon Road has something in Store for you!

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Handsome Dan's Moustache Wax

In the Studio

Howdy folks! Long time no update. We were in the larva-to-Chrysalis recording stage of a brand new collection of songs that are now wrapped up in beautiful digital cocoons in the workshop of Juno-Nominated Engineer and Producer David Travers-Smith. Over the summer they will grow and differentiate (Yes we looked up metamorphosis on Wikiepedia) and we are excited to release them to the world as beautiful sonic butterflies on a full length album this November. This first stage of recording lasted just over two weeks, was an incredible intense yet laid back, focused yet fun, collaborative yet personally stimulating and educational experience for all of us. More on that to come (including some special guests who are coming into contribute and some behind the scenes footage).

Read more about the mental prep leading up to the studio from the view point of our very own Daniel Peloquin-Hopfner HERE

In the meantime we are gearing up for a two month Folk-Festival-Foray into Eastern Canada. We would love to see you all at one of these wonderful gatherings alongside some amazing musicians, or at the smaller gigs we have in between along the way.

July 4 - 6th - Northern Lights Festival Boréal - Sudbury, Ontario

July 11 - 13th - Canterbury Folk Festival - Ingersoll, Ontario

July 25th - 27th - Hillside Festival, Guelph, ON

August 7th - 9th - Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, Lunenburg, NS

August 15th - 17th - Summerfolk Festival - Owen Sound, Ontario

August 23rd - Moose’N’Fiddle - Nestor Falls, Ontario

After months of touring and showcasing all over North America we are very excited to be hunkered down in a beautiful little cabin near Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba writing a new collection of songs. We will have more news about the who, when and how you can get involved in the coming weeks. In the meantime... here are some photos of us being Canadian/getting some inspiration. Probably going to be some songs about snow forts.

Songwriting retreat in Lac du Bonnet